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What does a sign cost?

Of course you have to invest money in a lighted business sign so that it can create you income.

But, a sign can’t cost you money, it has to make you money.  It is an investment to make your business grow.

So, when does a sign start making you money?

For an example let’s use a large, $60,000 full-color LED free-standing video display pole sign.  Maybe larger than you would want, maybe not.

An impressive six foot tall by twelve foot wide double-faced full-color sign installed on a pole to 20’ overall height.

If you borrow 100% of the money to purchase this sign, and pay it back over 6 years with a 10% interest rate, your monthly payment will be about $1,111 per month.  Add to this the monthly operating costs for electricity, insurance, and property taxes – the sign’s ONLY other costs.  For our example we will use a $1,300 per month total cost ($43.00 per day.)

How much business will the sign need to generate to pay for itself?

If you operate an existing business, you probably operate with a 50% to 75% gross profit margin, depending on the type of business.  Your overhead costs are already being paid.  So, the sign theoretically has to generate only $57 to $86 per day in increased business for the sign to pay for itself in 6 years.

But Wait:  You will depreciate the sign, saving you income taxes on your investment.  If you are in a 28% tax bracket this will return to you $16,800 in Federal Income Taxes you would otherwise have been obligated to pay during the depreciation period.  This reduces the break-even point by about $9 per day!

But Wait Again:  You also get a tax deduction for the interest you paid.  This reduces the break-even point by an additional $11 per day!

Would a beautiful six foot tall by twelve foot wide double-faced full color LED sign installed on a pole, 20’ tall overall, in front of your business, get you $37 - $66 in additional business per day?

The United States’ Small Business Administration (SBA) has stated that an LED Sign in front of a business increases the store’s entire sales volume 15-150%.

We haven’t noticed ANY businesses with large digital LED signs in front of their store that have gone out of business!  Have you?

"...they (American Red Cross) are so impressed with your company and the ROI of the signage..."

Lisa McNamara, American Red Cross

The Best Investment You Can Make

How much would you invest to double your take-home pay?

The United State Small Business Administration (SBA) says that an LED message center sign in front of a business increases the store’s sales volume 15 – 150%.

This is all profit; expenses are already being paid.

Even with a 50% cost-of-goods this is an increase in take-home pay of 7.5% - 75%.  Most businesses do not have this high a cost-of-goods.

Deduct from this amount the $10.25 per day it costs to both purchase and operate a 6’ x 12’ free-standing full-color LED message center sign that is installed 20’ tall, paying off the loan in 6 years.  After that, only deduct about $1.00 per day.

It’s Black and White; what are your current sales?  Do you want the additional income?  Are you willing to invest $10.25 per day?

This is probably the safest investment in the world, with the highest potential return, for a business owner to make.

 “In my previous 9 years of being in business I have never had 40 customers in a day.  Since you put up my LED Display sign I have so-far averaged 53 customers per day, but my business is still growing again.”

Muhammad Faridi, MD, McAllen Medical Center, Dallas, Texas

Cost Information

"How much money should I budget for a new sign?"

The following estimates are based on information on the Pricing page that proceeded this page and includes all features.  It is a ball-park "budget" estimate of the general cost of an installed sign.  Because of the huge impact a new sign has on a business you may want to budget considerably more, depending on your particular needs.

One-color exterior wall 4' x 8' signs are approximately $15,000.

One-color double-cabinet 13" x 8' 4" exterior signs (one line of text) for a pole, pylon, or Monument sign approximately $10,000.

One-color exterior double-cabinet 3' 1"x 8' 4" signs (two or three lines of text) for a pole, pylon, or Monument sign approximately $20, 000.

Full-color double-cabinet 5' 3" x 10' 6 " exterior signs (five or more lines of text) for pole, pylon, or Monument signs approximately $63,000.

Full-color double-cabinet Electronic Message Center billboards (12' 6" x 48' 3") are approxi $630,000.

Full-color double-faced 4' x 8' signs on self-contained trailers are approximately $75,000.

But, please, contact us to develop an exact plan to meet your particular needs - for free (see our "Sign Design" page!)

If you are planning for the future, please bookmark our website as a "Favorite" so you can find us when you are ready.

USA Today NewspaperThank you.  This is what we do to buy groceries!

To read what USA TODAY Newspaper says about the cost of signs "click" on their logo to the left.

Securing Your Investment

“After being ripped-off by one sign company, who took my several-thousand-dollar deposit but never delivered my sign, I was nervous.  I’m sure glad I met you guys!”

Paul Lewis, Jubilee Mortgage

All too often we hear about sign companies who took deposits from customers but never delivered their signs.  In every instance, because the sign company had few assets, there was no recourse.

We are also told of companies that don’t pay for the materials used in a sign, and/or never pay their laborers, in which case(s) THE CUSTOMER is legally liable for these bills EVEN THOUGH they paid the sign company!

Broadway LED Signs protects our customers, as the law allows, by providing them with both “Partial” and “Final” Lien Releases to legally protect them should ANYONE question whether we paid for materials and/or labor.

We also offer all our customers to be listed as "Additional Insured" for free on our $3,000,000 insurance policy, providing coverage if we default.

Also, size DOES matter.  Our size, our investment in the community, and our State licensing, insures our customers that we will be here to deliver and install our signs

The “Average” Cost of Advertising

 (U.S. Small  Business Administration figures)

Advertising Medium

Cost Per 1000 Exposures

Mailer (in Envelope)

  $ 790.00*

Mailer (Post Card)

  $ 380.00*


  $   7.39*


  $   6.26*


  $   5.47*

Average Channel Letter Sign*

  $    .14

Average Free-Standing Sign*

  $    .27

Average Free-Standing w/ Electronic Message Center*

  $   1.17

* Assumes 10,000 cars per day – a very conservative figure for ANY business street, only 1 person in each car, and only a 10 year useful life for the sign.  ALL very conservative!

Most of the Newspaper, Television and Radio consumers reached are not in most businesses marketing area, a 5 mile radius of their store according to the US Small Business Administration.  The actual cost of reaching a POTENTIAL consumer by these means is unknown, but much higher.

Mailing list costs are not included.


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