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Protective Coatings

Revolutionary Ceramic Vacuum Microsphere Shield

During the summer, your electronic message center can experience daily internal heat levels of over 200* F, enough to seriously damage it, shorten its life, and cause you expensive repairs.  High heat is very hard on electronics and LED’s, and shortens both their lives.

NASA, with the Space Shuttle program, has proven the value of insulating ceramic vacuum microspheres as a thermal barrier to both heat and cold.

While not as debilitating as temperatures experienced by the Shuttles, we commonly experience temperatures well over 200º inside signs.  Water boils at 212º at sea level.

Broadway LED Signs™ builds a better sign.  We cover the metal exterior of each Broadway LED Display™ with the same ceramic vacuum microsphere barrier developed by NASA.

We have documented 30% internal heat differences, 60º cooler at 200º, accompanied by an 80% increase in heat dissipation when compared to identical signs without our ceramic shield.

NASA confirms that 90% of solar infrared and 85% of ultraviolet rays are reflected back into the atmosphere by this revolutionary product.

Visually the only difference is the very slightly textured appearance of our ceramic barrier when compared to uncoated metal; a small price to pay, especially since you will never notice the difference.  We still use the same wonderful paints with the same excellent results.

Impact protection from hail, asteroids, and other objects is vastly improved also.

SolarGuard™ Protection

Our plastic faces that hold the LEDs, and Glare Shields, have internal UV protection.  But your sign needs to look nearly as good 10 to 15 years from now as it looks the day it is installed.

The longevity and appearance of plastic face materials are extended when they are coated with SolarGuard™, a special, clear, high-gloss, mar-resistant topcoat which protects plastics from ultraviolet light and ozone so that they last longer, just like your eyeglasses have UV coatings to protect the plastic lens.

SOLARGUARD 7 YEAR TESTBroadway LED Signs™ is an authorized SolarGuard™ applicator.

Broadway LED Signs™ adds SolarGuard™ protection to every plastic sign face component.

Does SolarGuard™ Protection Work?  The face on the right was made of “generic” red acrylic and black trim-cap.  The left half was coated with SolarGuard™ and the face was left outside for ONLY 7 years; your sign will be out there much longer!

(This product does not come from the traditional sign industry.  Few sign manufacturers know about it, or where to get it.)


EMC faces that were NOT protected with SolarGuard™ (Click on each picture to Enlarge.)

Self-Cleaning Faces

Broadway LED Signs™ adds Lumabrite™ coatings to every plastic-faced sign.

Lumabrite™ reduces maintenance because of built-in self-cleaning properties.

This products inspiration was the optical plastic lens industry.

Our people are factory-trained in the application of Lumabrite™.

Water Repellant Interior Coatings

To add additional protection for all internal electronic and electrical components and all wiring, above and beyond the military specification electronics insulating coating we coat all circuitry boards with (MIL-I-46058C), we coat the entire interior of each sign with H2ORepel™ after the sign is totally completed.

We have found that this double+ coating lowers future service calls even further.

We do everything we can to build a better sign.

Guaranteed Highest Quality . . . Guaranteed Lowest Price™

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