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Digital Display LED Signs and Electronic Message Centers

LED Full-Color  |  Monochrome

We sell our signs Factory-Direct - WHOLESALE!

Eagle Transmission Outdoor LED Sign    Kwik Kar Programmable LED Monument Signage    Dallas Vintage Custom LED Sign    Accuhealth Medical Monochrome Electronic Sign    Q Chevrolet Car Dealership Sign

  Guaranteed Highest Quality ... Guaranteed Lowest Price™  

Summary - Broadway LED Signs In a Nutshell

The Special Features and Benefits of a Broadway LED Display™

  • Solarbrite™ Large LED Signs – Brighter signs with exceptional viewing angles.

  • Balanced Array™ Outdoor LED - A better looking, more modern exposed LED sign, or

  • Classic™ Series – Traditional style exposed pixel-cluster LED signs, or

  • SMD LED Signs™ – Evolving Surface-Mount-Device enclosed pixel-cluster LED signs.

  • Internal Processor Not a computer with all the associated problems they create.
  • Open Architecture Programming Software - Proprietary is Bad, Cloud is Bad, Open Architecture software is Good.
  • Both Superior and Enhanced Operating Modes - Even more versatility.  Lets the sign owner decide which display "look" is best for them.

  • Self-Monitoring and Remote Servicing – Both capabilities of all our signs, but an Internet connection is required.

  • Repairability – Adjustability – Every LED is adjustable for both color and brightness.  No blotchy signs as the sign ages and components are replaced.

  • Text, Graphics, Text-over-Image, Fonts, Clip-Art, Pre-Programmed Video, Video, Animation, Slide-Shows, Time, Temperature, Sound  – Absolute versatility.

  • 64 GB Non-Volatile MemoryThis sign will run, and do, whatever you want it to do – every time.

  • Free Programming Computer, Pre-ProgrammedNo learning curve.

  • Easy-To-Use, Logical Control System

  • Structural Steel Frames with Aluminum Exterior SkinsNo rust and lasts forever.  Virtually Hail-proof.

  • Ceramic Vacuum Microsphere Exterior Coating Temperature protection for the sign.

  • The Same Exterior paint type they paint a Ferrari withLooks new virtually forever, helping your business.

  • Impact-Resistant, Flame-Proof, UV Protected Sign Faces - Built to last.

  • Individual Glare Shields A sign you can read during the day.

  • SolarGuard™ and Lumabrite™ Protected Plastics – Won’t fade and look bad to customers.

  • Self-Cleaning Sign FacesYour sign never looks dirty and dingy, chasing potential customers away.

  • US Military Specification Electrical Insulating Coating - Protects all interior electronics and electrics.

  • H2ORepel™ Waterproof Interior Coating – Double+ protects all interior electronics, electrics and wiring.

  • Energy Saving ElectricalSaves 35% or more of electricity costs.

  • Thermostat-controlled Power Ventilation - Saves maintenance costs while saving energy costs.

  • UL/ETL Listed SignThis sign can be installed anywhere, and moved anywhere at a later time.  Requires much less electrical service than an unlisted sign.

  • Individually LED Brightness Calibration - Our signs will have each LED adjusted to ensure that your sign avoids the "patchwork quilt" appearance that you see so often with new and used LED signs.

  • Superior Control Hardware - Makes every sign look better! (see for yourself)

Special Features and Benefits of doing business with Signs Manufacturing

  • We Actually Manufacture the Sign Manufactured in the USA.

  • Product Liability InsuranceProtects you and your customers forever.

  • Deposit InsuranceYour money is protected even if we were to default.

  • Trained QualityCertifiedSigns™ Technicians – We understand quality.

  • Established 1979We back our claims.

  • Five Different Payment Options – Cash, Credit Card, Conserve Your Nest Egg™, Signs on Time™ Lease (with Zero Down option) and Pay as You Grow Lease/Purchase™

LED Digital Electronic Message Center Signs and Video Displays are also known as LED Signs, LED Display Signs, LED Message Boards, Digital Displays, Digital Billboards, Message Centers, Scrolling Signs, Marquee Signs and Readerboard Signs, among others.

Electronic message centers and video displays help your company many ways:

  • They allow real-time communication with potential customers.  With almost 20% of the US population moving in a year, new potential customers of varying demographics are always viewing your signage.  What is effective now may not be effective later…or after lunch.

  • They attract attention through animation and brightness so they increase awareness of your company location and your products.

  • Message center signs are prettier than signs with changeable plastic letters, improving the appearance of your business.

  • Your message is not limited by the size of your reader board, or to only one message.
  • Your advertising dollars are invested in selling in your trade area, preventing excessive advertising expenses.

  • Changing your message, any time you wish, is as easy as typing.  It can be done often and safely.

  • Quality electronic message center displays are readable from a further distance, especially in poor lighting.

  • Full color displays are vastly superior to monochrome displays in impressing potential customers.  Fortunately they are no longer vastly more expensive!

Celebrating 32 YearsResearch shows that you have 3 seconds to attract a passer-by’s attention and communicate your message.  An electronic message center will make your message stand out from the crowd of signs around you.  Even displaying the time and temperature can give a viewer valuable information which they will associate with your company.  Combining that capability with animated messages, possibly in color, can really drive your sales up, 15% to 150%!

Even the Federal Government has determined that signs containing electronic message centers are safety enhancing devices, not traffic hazards!  This is why they are used on roadways to communicate with drivers.

Why Do I Need A Sign For My Organization's SBA.pdf

Is Signage Expensive SBA.pdf

Large Electronic Message Center Under ConstructionThe importance of signs in helping a company to survive was recently underscored when the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), with their NxLeveL for Entrepreneurs training program, which is available in 40 states, added an entire week to their program to present more deeply "…the importance of signs and their impact on a business…"

US Small Business AdministrationRemember the axiom "Location, Location, Location!"  The supreme importance of "location" is the numbers of potential customers that will see your signs...and be able to read and understand them.  Very important design and marketing considerations.

Amazingly, 25% of a company's street's traffic does not normally travel on that street.

With 18.6% of the entire US population moving each year, your sign will be constantly seen by MANY potentially new customers.

Beating Your Competition

The nature of competition is that every competitor that buys a similar sign after you do will try to purchase one that is bigger and better.

Because of this, buy the latest technology and the biggest sign allowed by city ordinance.

Be very careful when picking your sign company. There are good ones out there, but there are far more "bargain basement" companies. Sometimes the cheapest bidder may be the best (banners, vinyl graphics, etc.) but this is not true with an LED Display.

Look at an excerpt from an article in Sign & Digital Graphics, a trade magazine, which gives advice to brokers who are purchasing this type of signage for resale:

    You get what you pay for, and what seems like a smart savings upfront can turn into an expensive (and stressful) nightmare later on.

    Look for a manufacturer whose signs have a reputation for durability and reliability. The manufacturers service staff should have an intimate knowledge of the sign manufacturing process, rather than those who simply read technical tips from a handbook.

    Many overseas manufacturers do not produce stock parts and replacements can be very difficult or impossible to find. In tough times, you want an expert that lives and breathes the technology behind their product...

Using Our Website to Learn About Broadway Digital LED Signs

Made in AmericaYour sign forms that very important "first impression" your potential customer has of your company's.  Your sign must always look nearly as good as it looked the day it was installed so that you survive; don't give potential customers a worsening impression of your organization as your sign ages.

Click on the "Technical Details" tab to the left to learn about the intricacies of an LED digital electronic message center.

We are the only manufacturer of all 3 types of LED signs; Balanced Array™ and Classic™ (Exposed Pixel Cluster), as well as SMD LED Signs™ (Enclosed Pixel Cluster) types of displays.  We have no ax to grind promoting one display type over the others.

Inspiring Body of Christ Church LED SignAlso discover how we make each sign to last; including the use of CNC manufacturing, rust-proof metal, structural-steel frames, high-end automotive paint, high-impact plastics, and most importantly, sophisticated protective coatings.  All our signs include these many hidden features, critically important to you but often ignored by competitors so they can make more money.  We even add self-cleaning properties.  Click on the "Construction Details" tab under "Technical Details" to learn more about these features.

Broadway LED Signs™ uses Solarbrite™ LEDs exclusively to manufacture our Displays.  Click on the "LED Technology" tab on the "Technical Details" page to learn why.

Please use and enjoy this website, one of the largest information resources about electronic message centers on the internet, in conjunction with our Corporate website www.SignsManufacturing.com, created so you can learn about all types of signs and how you can control their affect on your image.

We believe that if you're a knowledgeable purchaser there's a real good chance you'll become our customer. 

Guaranteed Highest Quality ... Guaranteed Lowest Price™

We sell our signs Factory-Direct WHOLESALE

As detailed on the pages that follow, everything will be done to make your sign look better, and last longer...Guaranteed.

Broadway LED Signs also guarantees that our price will be the lowest price you can obtain on the products described in this website; now or anytime during the next 90 days.

If you are offered a lower price by someone else we will match that lower price PLUS give you 10% of the difference.

Many people selling LED Displays don't, or can't, talk about how and why the sign they are selling is built the way it is.  Click on the "Specifications" tab on the "Technical Details" page to go to a page designed to help you ask the right questions.

Cost and Pricing Information

  The Most Cost-Effective Advertising You Can Do 

USA Today Newspaper

Read what USA TODAY Newspaper says about the cost of signs. "Click" on their logo above.

"Cost" and subsequent "Pricing" tabs on the left will help you determine general budget pricing for various types and sizes of signs.

The detailed construction and installation information below, and on tabs to the left, is very important in developing a sign that will accomplish your goals.

Please contact us to develop an exact plan to meet your particular needs - for free (see our "Sign Design" page.)

Our professional staff will usually have exact quotations for you the same day  (Much faster than the 2 1/2 week average in our industry.)

If you are planning for the future, please bookmark our website as a "Favorite" so you can find us when you are ready.

The Best Decision You Can Make For Your Success

How much would you invest to double your take-home pay?Programmable Monument LED Display

The United State Small Business Administration (SBA) says that an LED message center sign in front of a business increases the store’s sales volume 15 – 150%. As an example, when a Dairy Queen franchise added an LED sign in front of their 30-year-old business their sales increased $23,000 in less than three months! In fact, they had the largest sales increase of all 36 Dairy Queen restaurants in the region during that period!

This is all profit; expenses are already being paid.

Even with a 50% cost-of-goods this is an increase in take-home pay of 7.5% - 75%.  Most businesses do not have this high a cost-of-goods.

Deduct from this amount the $10.25 per day it costs to both purchase and operate a 6’ x 12’ free-standing full-color LED message center sign that is installed 20’ tall, paying off the loan in 6 years.  After that, only deduct about $1.00 per day.

It’s Black and White; what are your current sales?  Do you want the additional income?  Are you willing to invest $10.25 per day?

This is probably the safest investment in the world, with the highest potential return, for a business owner to make.

 “In my previous 9 years of being in business I have never had 40 customers in a day.  Since you put up my LED Display sign I have so-far averaged 53 customers per day, but my business is still growing again.”
Muhammad Faridi, MD, McAllen Medical Center, Dallas, Texas

The Value of “Listed" Signs

Virtually ALL cities adopt the National Electric Code as law.

The National Electric Code (NEC) requires that for electrical, structural, and installation safety all electrical signs be "Listed" (tested and labelled with an appropriate Listing Mark.)

Certification (testing and labelling) organizations acceptable in the USA to test to the multitude of Standards signs are required to meet are determined by OSHA.

For you the Listing Mark is insurance.  It means that the sign has been tested to insure that it is structurally and electrically safe, and will be installed properly (if the installation instructions are followed.)  You benefit from the knowledge that it is not solely us telling you that our signs are safe, this is what the testing laboratories and the US Government says also.

Will your sign be tested and approved for safe use in a Wet (Outdoor) location? Not if it’s not Listed!

Underwriters Laboratories (“UL” Listing Mark) and Intertek (“ETL” Listing Mark – originally Edison Testing Laboratory founded by Thomas Edison) are the premier certification organizations and 80% of all things electrical are tested by them.

UL Listing MarkETL Listing MarkIntertek is over twice the size of UL, and has a greater global presence.  UL is the largest in the USA.  We have both companies test and apply Listing Marks to various signs.

Whether it's channel letters, a wall cabinet sign, a monument sign, pole or pylon signs, electronic message centers, video displays, neon or other electric signs Intertek and Underwriter’s Laboratory pose the toughest design, structural, electrical, and installation standards on the products they approve.

We are the 9th oldest UL Listed Manufacturer in North Texas.  (File #UXYT.E149959)

Timberview High School LED SignTo see if a manufacturer is a UL Listed electronic sign manufacturer go to http://database.ul.com/cgi-bin/XYV/template/LISEXT/1FRAME/ccnsrch.html and enter "UYFS" in the "UL Category Code" box, replacing "%ccn%".

To see if a manufacturer is an ETL Listed sign manufacturer go to  http://etlwhidirectory.etlsemko.com/WebClients/ITS/DLP/products.nsf/ and enter "UL-48" in the search box.

We are the third oldest ETL Listed sign company in Texas.  (File # 4007685)

There are many sign companies that pretend to be Listed, but are not!

Incidentally, ISO (International Organization of Standardization) Standards, such as ISO 2001, are NOT electrical Listings (similar to a UL or ETL Listing) that allow a sign to be installed in Texas.  That said, components in our electronic signs also meet ISO 9001 and 2008 standards.

Free Factory Tour

Come and see the array of equipment and tools, and the facility dedicated to making good signs.

Contact a sign consultant to arrange a plant tour, or just stop by.  Click our "Contact Us" tab for location and contact details.

Signs Manufacturing Campus 2001

Broadway Digital LED Signs' Four-building Dallas, Texas Manufacturing Campus (Two sets of joined buildings) prior to our 7,500 sq. ft. expansion (2001 photo courtesy of Bing.)

Signs Manufacturing's 2004 Building Expansion

Weekend photo showing Broadway Digital LED Signs' 2004 Building Expansion, taken during our 2009 re-roofing project (Courtesy of Google Earth.)

BIG Business Booster

There is no question that LED electronic message centers and video displays are the business signage communication wave of the future.  Local advertising has never been cheaper because of them.

FREE ESTIMATESEvery organization has a need to promote special events, sales, sponsorships, etc.; either at their organization's location and/or at local sports events, parades, church and school events.

If your organization is not located where you can have a permanent messaging sign, or you need to advertise at multiple locations (like the kid's soccer game), the question is, HOW?

This question has been answered with “The LED Sled™” pictured below, Broadway LED Signs™’s new portable self-powered LED electronic message center and video display.

Local businesses have never before been able to be so creative, to think so far outside the box to gain a competitive advertising advantage.

“To rent, or to own, THAT is the question.” (sorry Shakespeare.)  How often do you need to promote your business?

If you are a multi-location company you need to own one of these!  Some location ALWAYS has special needs or opportunities.    Or a new store under construction.

Click on "Portable Sign Sales" tabs on the left for details.


We are the "greenest" sign company in Texas.  Click the "Our Environment" tab on our "About Us" page to learn about our environmental efforts.



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